Tom Spencer

Associate Professor, German & Russian

3112B JFSB


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Teaching Experience

As a teacher, I love working carefully through rich texts with students, helping them explore the historical context and cultural implications. I try to bring things back to the “big questions” and reveal some part of the human story. I regularly teach advanced German language, German literature (including poetry and philosophy), and a Marx-Nietzsche-Freud class. Additionally, I designed and briefly taught a BYU Independent Study German course based on the theme of crime-detective fiction.


I have published on German literature and philosophy of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. I am interested in the intersection literature, philosophy, and religion. I am also interested in the paranormal.


I served for over five years as the head of the German section in the Dept. of German and Russian. I enjoy advising students, helping things run efficiently, and keeping the peace.

Citizenship assignments

German section head
Department webmaster
Advanced German language (GERM 301-303) committee chair
Stammtisch (German conversation hour) organizer