W Drew Chandler


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Teaching Experience

I have taught at BYU since 2017 and I love being able to relate principles of writing and rhetoric to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I strive to always understand my students’ perspectives and in class my students learn to write to and persuade an audience that disagrees with them–a much needed skill in the world today!


My research focuses on literature and film, adaptation, and gender studies. I specifically focus on the fraught time period of the early 1900s when filmmaking was rapidly developing to represent and respond to the world at large.

Selected Publications

I regularly present at the Literature and Film Conference. I have published in BYU’s Locutorium focusing on writing pedagogy.


I focus on helping my students learn to write successfully.

Citizenship assignments

I strive to help my students succeed after they have left my class. I love, for example, hearing from a student who is applying to graduate school and needs a letter of recommendation or help writing a statement of intent.