Willis Clark Fails

Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

3167 JFSB


Research Areas: ,

Teaching Experience

I love teaching at BYU where it is possible to include the Spirit in the teaching of my chosen academic discipline.


My research focus in on the phonetics and phonology of Spanish and Portuguese—especially experimental phonetics.

Selected Publications

  • Manual de fonética y fonología españolas. London: Routledge 2018.
  • Manual de fonética y fonologia da língua portuguesa. London: Routledge, in press.


We exist as a university to serve the students. As a result, my most rewarding experiences have been directing student theses and research projects and counseling students.

Citizenship assignments

I have enjoyed for several years the assignment of counseling our undergraduates and the assignment of being the linguistics section head within our department.

Office Hours:
MWF 3:00-3:50 p.m.