Yoshihiko Ariizumi

Instructor, Asian & Near Eastern Languages

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Teaching Experience

Our students have unlimited potential to grow as children of God. In order to release their latent capabilities, we need to constantly optimize their learning environment. I perceive them as CO-CREATERs of the curriculum. Nurturing them as self-directed and life-long learners is important. Based on my IPT background and my universal performance development method (Chigen-iku), I have implemented learning contract, extensive reading and spiritual proficiency development.


My focus is optimization of learning, teaching and researching. Currently my research fields include intensive reading, service learning, learning optimization through exercise, faculty scholarly productivity enhancement, learning with the Holy Ghost, self-directed and andragogical learning, and doctor-patient communication.


My focus is to help the university community optimize their engagement (learning, teaching and researching). So, utilizing any opportunity (so far hundreds of cases) to share my universal performance improvement method (Chigen-iku) and assist them to enhance their engagement. One of the particular projects is to collaborate with the Associate Dean of Student Life (Dr. Casey Peterson) to promote service learning on campus through R&D.

Citizenship assignments

As an adjunct faculty member, I usually do not receive any citizenship assignment, but I have been assisting the faculty body by coordinating and giving a keynote speech and so forth for a speech contest and high school students’ language activities. I also serve as Utah Japanese language school’s principle.