STET Club Hosts Semiannual Student Journal Fair

STET: The Editors’ Network held a Student Journal Fair in late January to connect interested students with journal editors.

PROVO, Utah (January 23, 2020)—Once a semester, BYU’s editing club, STETorganizes and hosts an event to allow interested students get a taste for the many undergraduate journals across campus.

The club’s semiannual Student Journal Fair in late January drew in representatives from about half of BYU’s 21 student journals, who answered questions and advertised to scores of prospective writers and editors. The open house–style format allowed for students to gain exposure to the vast diversity of journals that exist, covering disciplines from film and psychology to women’s studies and US national security.

“We had a pretty good turnout [at the fair],” said Annie Petersen, president of STET: The Editors’ Network. “We had a lot of students join the various journals that were there. It’s just a really good opportunity for editing and English students to get involved.”

Interested students who were unable to attend the event can still learn more or join a journal by contacting the journal’s student editor or advisor (see Regardless of a student’s major, the variety of topics covered by on-campus journals can cater to most interests.

“You don’t need any experience to join a journal,” explained Petersen. “I was a brand-new editing student when I started with my journal, and I had no idea what I was doing. They helped me out and they gave me the skills I needed. I think there’s a real community in student journals.”

In addition, interested students can join the STET club by visiting All students majoring or minoring in editing are automatically considered members of STET; however, interested students from any major may join.

—Samuel Benson (Sociology ’23)