Students and Faculty Celebrate the Year of the Monkey

PROVO, Utah (Feb. 4, 2016)—As 2016’s Chinese New Year ushers in the Year of the Monkey, those born in a monkey year better watch out! The year of one’s own Chinese zodiac sign is considered to be the unluckiest of the 12-year zodiac cycle.

Yet BYU students born in the Year of the Monkey don’t seem too concerned, nor did it put a damper on this year’s Chinese New Year Celebration.

Students and faculty across all disciplines at BYU celebrated the New Year with delicious Chinese food, traditional Chinese games and the revered art of Chinese calligraphy.

The photos included below catch a glimpse of this year’s festivities:


A student practices writing Chinese characters.





Students enjoyed Chinese food and great conversation.


Every year students can have a photo op at the Great Wall of China.




The celebration also integrated the college’s 50th anniversary theme into the festivities: 50 years of fluency in the human conversation.



Sylvia Cutler (B.A. English/French ’17)

Sylvia covers the Department of Asian and Near Eastern Languages for the College of Humanities. She is a junior pursuing a double major in English and French with a minor in women’s studies.