The Christmas Spirit in the College of Humanities

The College of Humanities celebrated the Christmas season with performances from the different language choirs throughout December. 

PROVO, Utah (December 18, 2015)—In the 2012 Christmas Devotional, President Thomas S. Monson said, “Brothers and sisters, true love is a reflection of the Savior’s love. In December of each year we call it the Christmas spirit. You can hear it. You can see it. You can feel it.”

In the College of Humanities, the Christmas spirit runs deep. Throughout December the language choirs performed, offering their songs of praise to the Savior. Students dedicated their time and talents to spread love across campus by singing their testimonies in languages ranging from Welsh to Spanish to Russian. These Humanities’ traditions allow the love of Christ to be heard, to be seen, and to be felt.

Featured below are glimpses into a few of the college’s Christmas traditions. From all of us to you, merry Christmas, joyeux Noël, メリークリスマス, frohe Weihnachten and feliz Natal.

Italian Choir Christmas Concert, December 2

photos courtesy of Jennifer Haraguchi

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Noël en France, December 3


 Festival de Villancios Navideños, December 4

photos courtesy of Nieves Pérez Knapp

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“A Season of Light” Scandinavian Choir Christmas Concert, December 8

photo courtesy of John Knecht 

Scand choir

French Choir Christmas Concert, December 9


 Russian Choir Christmas Concert, December 10

photos courtesy of Alexandra Brattos

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Not pictured: Navidad Azul (Spanish and Portuguese, December 3 and 11), Adventsingen (German, December 6) and Welsh Choir Christmas Concert (December 7).

—Kayla Goodson (B.A. Communications and French studies ’17)

Kayla writes for the College of Humanities. She is a junior pursuing a dual degree in French studies and journalism with a minor in international strategy and diplomacy.